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Sports Medicine
Athletes, coaches, trainers, “weekend warriors”, and physical therapists are faced with problems such as pain, muscle spasm, edema/swelling/ inflammation, tendonitis, abrasions, cuts, infections of the skin and nails, dry skin, hemorrhoids and more.

Customized Topical and Transdermal Therapy can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and relax muscles while significantly reducing the risk of effects that are detrimental to athletic performance, such as drowsiness. "Topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug  NSAID) administration offers the advantage of local enhanced delivery to painful sites with a reduced incidence of gastrointestinal adverse effects compares to the same drugs when taken orally". ( Advanced Studies in Medicine, John Hopkins University July 2003).

The Safeway Compounding Pharmacy can compound analgesic gels and sprays to reduce pain and bleeding secondary to lacerations, pregame rubs that contain Emu oil, medicated bandages that contain antibiotics, and much more.


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